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Maneza started recording from the early 2000s where he learned so much about mixing and mastering. His latest songs are the testimony of that statement. The songs are available on the following links, MANEZA MUZIK, VMP MUZIK. He has been in the game for a long time as a result his recording company is now registered as a PTY and busy growing that business while focusing also on recoring to stay relavent to what is happening and what is new. Come and record your Album, Mixtape, Single for an affordable fee 082-304-8335.



He started as just a writer influanced by a TV Show called "Zola 7" which was about discovering talent but mostly about music. He started writing hoping that one day he will invite Zola to come and record him. When years went by he started performing in Hip Hop sessions and local events, he performed in many events in Worcester and in Worcester Prison mainly for the offenders and officals. His performing skills moved a lot of people and inspired a lot of young people to join his movement VMP MUZIK GROUP.



Maneza F8 learned the art of deejaying through his cousins from Philippi in Cape town. In 2004 he started to play house music but his love for Hip-hop shaped his direction into playing Hip-hop. Because he is so relavent when he plays music, he makes everyone move with House and also Hip Hop set, he is not only playing House and Hip Hop, he also plays for older people, Soulful music, old ballads and African Pop music, depending on the event that he is hired to play.

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There are times for everything, life is too short so sometimes even a well focused and goal-oriented F8 need time to have some fun, for him fun is to hangout with friends and party till the morning comes. After that has passed, the hustle continues.

Recordings in 2011


He Formed Visible music production in 2010, and started recording with the likes of Man-Bu, Blast, Sabotage, Leo, Sira-man, and Hardy. Later he recorded lost of young artists for free as a part of giving back to the community.

Endurance Walk

endurance walk

He also make use of sport as a way of relaxing his mind and well being. Maneza F8 is also part of the Breede River endurance walk club, he has walked 75km Vasbyt in Mossel bay, Gaansbaai, Gautang LeeowKop, Ladimsith.

Prison band Recording


In 2014 He was requested by the Head of Correctional Centre Mr. RJ Stemmet to record a prison band which he did 12 Track Album successfully,most of the tracks were Jazz cover tracks and some Gospel tracks.

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